Is Iran safe to travel? Would you travel to Iran?

These are usual questions for those who are really interested in visiting Persian culture, land of civilization, the Iranian art, the amazing architecture, welcoming people, warm smiles and those who like walking through the ancient history of Persia.

Apparently Iran is generally a very safe place to travel, many travelers during these years described that Iran is much safer than any other countries which are popular for tourists, even safer than traveling in some European countries. Rough Guides also named it one of its Countries of the Year in its annual bucket list. Indeed, famous tour operators all around the world refused to cancel the tours for Iran destination.

During these years after Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal and began restoring sanctions on Iran, rising up tensions between the countries. Relations continued to sour this relation between Russia, china, all countries in middle east actually it is better to say, all the world.

Nowadays we can see experienced travelers in every corner of the world, especially those who have visited Iran believe that don’t trust the main stream media. within 10 minutes of walking outside on the street you will make sure that the travelers have everything they need as soon as they meet some friendly and welcoming Iranian.

Unfortunately, in many countries the politic is a dirty game and politicians are fighting for power and the governments are controlling the media.

But the truth is that so many travelers instead of following the media, they prefer to visit the reality by themselves.

Surely Iran would be the next hot destination, for all of Iran’s attractions — breathtaking scenery and numerous World Heritage sites (22 cultural world heritage sites and 2 natural world heritage sites), among other things such as intangible cultural heritage around the country .in addition, Iran is the country of diversity (Iran's Ethnic Groups, diversity of races & cultures & traditions)

Land of four seasons, different climates at the same time in one trip can be seen by travelers. You can have sand snow and see in one package. From Persian Gulf to Caspian Sea in one trip you can have a small world with so many surprise, fun and events.

 From The Persian Empire and stories of series of imperial dynasties that were centered in Persia/Iran (6th century BC) started with Achaemenid Empire era to the current century you can discover the Modern Iran with special capital city Tehran with welcoming people in different cities from the north to the south of the country, all they are looking for peace and kindness.

That is the main point of view which helps our beautiful planet ((tourism)). frankly tourism can help peace & save the world

Iran is calling you with open arms and warm smiles.

come and see what exactly goes on here (happiness, friends, family, country) all making you a unique & the best chance or most important experience that you are ever likely to have. This could be not just the trip of a lifetime but the experience of a lifetime.

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