Magic Persia is a small world

Magic Persia is a small world

Iran’s different natural environment, seasons, ethnic groups is not fully explored.

Trips to different corners of this land can count as visits to different countries.

Iran is land of seasons

Iran is known as the land of four seasons .at the same time in different corners of the country it is simple to find remarkable natural contrasts. It is possible only with a few kilometers to see major changes of season – one side of the mountain is covered with snow and the other side is uncomfortably hot. There is different landscape between the northern provinces along the Caspian Sea and the dry provinces in central and southern provinces near from the Persian Gulf.

different types of natural landscapes

There are many different & unique types of natural landscapes in different parts of Iran, such as mountain landscapes, coastal landscapes and riverine landscapes, hills, caves and valleys, historical landscape, And so many other Beautiful Natural Wonders.

Iranian different Ethnic Groups

The official language of Iran is Persian. Persian is a West Iranian language of the Indo-European family of languages and is spoken in those parts of Iran where the Fars people, Persians, dwell, as well as in the Republic of Tajikistan. Tehran, Isfahan, Fars, Khorasan, Kerman and Yazd are some of the provinces inhabited by the Persians. 
There are a number of other national and ethnic groups living in various parts of Iran. The historical background and anthropological origin of these groups have been subject of numerous research works. 
The most important of these groups with unique history, culture, customs, and language are the Turks, the Kurds, the Baluchis, the Arabs, the Turkmans and the Lurs.

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