Why visit Iran?! what are tourist’s comments & experiences about Iran?

Iran always absorbed and attracted the strong attention of tourists. A rich history from one of the world’s oldest civilizations, cities full of ancient culture and beautiful Islamic architecture, local dishes which are highly pleasant to the taste, delightful cuisine, Persian art and history and the kind people with warm smile! Iranian are really favorite people, incredibly welcoming for tourists. They are always smiling, the world’s politest people always trying to help, inviting you to be their guest with their family, positive impression makes Iranian people as the kindest and warmest people in the world. People make the country for tourist as a country which is very easy to travel, full of memorable and unforgettable experience.

There are so many main tourist attractions which are listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites or so many national tangible places mentioned on the touristic map or guide books but there is something special and extremely magnificent in Iran for tourists which is only in the heart of its people and will be devoted to the guests with eye contacts, warm smiles, small helpful talks, and invitation for tea or dinner. And no matter which part of the country you are, you can see open arms everywhere. Iranian hospitality and welcoming people is the main reason by tourist to call Iran is the land of kindness and friendly people.

Iran Travel Testimonials by our Previous Travelers are always interesting and sometimes funny and words cannot describe how much they love the trip to Iran and memories. But of course it depends on how you behave. apparently meeting good people needs positive mind.

During your stay in this country, you realize that everyone sincerely trying to help and invite you. Below is a list of 6 usual and weird things usually tourist see it during their trip to Iran

1. When you are looking at a map on the street, people ask. Do you know where you are going?" you answer yes we do, but they'll point us in the right direction anyway.  Sometimes People trying to show you the way and destination

2. About 30 people per a day come & ask “Is there anything I can help you with?” or “Welcome to Iran!” Iran is a country where you can connect with the people in a different level from the vocal language. You will have a connection by the feelings that are in the soul of every human being, it’s a universal language that we all know by heart.

3. About three time a day, you will face with people, ask you where your hotel is and invite you to stay with them for dinner with their family. Iranian hospitality is limitless.

4.  it is common in Iran to give up your seat on the subway when you are and old person or kids and women. But the surprise is that many Iranians would give up their seat for you because you are a tourist. When you want to say everything is fine. They reply: “You’re a tourist, right? Thank you for coming to Iran! Please, sit down! “because Iranians have a saying that “guest is a gift from god” showing how they feel about their guests and they behave them like a family member.

5. Whenever you are in a tourist spot, you are surrounded by Iranian People frequently come and ask to take a picture together exchange contact information. Foreign tourists are celebrities in Iran.

6. There are tons of stories out there about Iranian hospitality from a nice little smile in the street to giving a free map to the tourist or tea or ice-cream and ….

We are sure, you will be the next narrator and storyteller of one thousand and one night in Persia. Every corner of Iran is different and has nice  experience and unforgettable memories.

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