skiing in Iran amazing experience in middle east?!

There are More than 23 operational ski fields in Iran. The ski season is long in Iran because of the vast country and unique geographical position of the the unique country in middle east for ski touring. The best time for Iran skiing is January to April, but ski resorts availability depends on snow condition between November and May.

As we mentioned to you, the golden time for skiing in Iran is January and February and March, but skiing is possible even in June.

It is better to organize your ski tour not in Persian new year (21 march) and Persian weekend (Thursday and Friday) to avoid the traffic time. During the week when all Iranians are at work, it is completely quiet and amazing.


Ski experience in Iran is something unbelievable and extremely enjoyable because Iran is not only skiing destination. Iran has been located in the Middle East and in contrary to its neighbors, it has different is a combination of culture, ancient civilization, art, natural attraction, welcoming people, it is a mixture of sand sea snow at the same time in one package, from Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf with more than hundred peaks over 4000m and golden desert just near the mountains full of snow.

Of course it is completely cheap in comparable with other countries in the world and has the best quality.                          


There are 5 ski resorts very close to the capital city Tehran

The Biggest one is  Dizin ski resort ,less than 90 km “It's the first international ski resort in Iran, it's really vast and have great condition , you can ski or snowboard here from December till March but the best time with good powder snow is during January and Feb.

The Most modern one is Darbandsar

The oldest one is Shemshak It's always good to be because of relaxing also wonderful mountains around.


The new one and closer than others to the capital city is Tochal

The small one and also more far than others is Ab –e Ali

These ski resorts are all near from Tehran. each city in Iran usually has one resort.

You will not be disappointed by ski touring in Tehran, minimum 5 days in Tehran with nice accommodation in 4 star hotels and all possibilities in your package.

Other ski resorts of Iran include:

1. Shazand Ski Resort

2. Pooladkaf Ski Resort

3. Shirbad Ski Resort

4. Chelgerd Ski Resort

5. Fereydunshahr Ski Resort

6. Fandoqlu Grass Ski Resort

7. Sahand Ski Resort

8. Shahmirzad Ski Resort

9. Papaei Ski Resort

10. Kamaan Ski Resort

11. Saqqez Ski Resort

12. Yam Ski Resort

13. Tarbiatbadani Fars Ski Resort

14. Khoshaku Ski Resort

15. Nessar Ski Resort

16. Kuhrang Ski Resort

17. Kakan Ski Resort

18. Tarik-Darreh Ski Resort

Everything here in these slopes are organized and in case of an emergency, hospitals near the capital city and main cities will provide you complete treatments before repatriation. The rescue operation will surely doesn’t take no longer as in the Alps On the slopes.


More than 23 ski resort in different regions of Iran is the main reasons for tourists to experience Iran and make them interested in Ski by travelling to this rich country.

 We will briefly describe you the nearest ski resorts in Tehran:

Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar Ski resort located in Tehran Province which is a modern ski resort and according to International Ski Federation, it is an international ski resort and hosting the global ski competitions every year.

it started to work in is located  in Shemiranat Town near from the capital city..
The height is about 3050 m  above the sea level and the lowest height is 2600 m above the sea level.

It is located 60 km far from eastern part of Tehran in Darbandsar Village.

Some Features of this Complex are as follows :Tele sage machine with capacity of 4 people and length of 1200 m;
Tele sage machine with capacity of 4 people and length of 800 m with the height of 3750 m above the sea level; Tele sage machine with capacity of 2 people and length of 1110 m; plate tele ski machine with length of 700 m. Tele cabin machine with capacity of 12 people and with 1830 m  length with 57 cabs with capacity of 3000 people per hour; Two hammer tele ski machines;

One snow maker with capability of producing the snow at zero degree centigrade with 1300 m in length and 100 m in width and 50 cm in height. Three snow beater devices; Ski school; Two restaurants; Night ski resort; and A unique wooden restaurant with area of 400 square meters.

To get  this resort, you have 2 routes, the first one from Lashgarak road and Lashgarak-Fasham route it is possible to use these route all seasons but  the second route  is Karaj-Gachsar route during summer time only. The resort is active from December to May.


Tochal Ski Resort


it is the nearest one in Tehran Roof Complex in Velenjak  , close to Tajrish Square. It started to work in 1978.
the highest part is about 3850 m to 3550 m above the sea level. it has a Tele Sage line and a Tele Ski Line.
Telecabin of Touchal Complex is one of the longest continuous lines of Tele cabin in the world with the length of 7500m.
Having a well-equipped hotel and natural perspectives from Alborz mount and metropolitan of Tehran, Tochal Complex could provide the tourists with a memorable night.

Ab e-ali Ski Resort

Ab –e Ali Ski Resort is one of the oldest one in Iran which is equipped to lifts and other features. This resort has been located close to Abali Town, 57km far from eastern north of Tehran. This complex has 3 ski resorts. the highest point is 2650 m above the sea level and the lowest part is 2400 m above the sea level. Ab –e ali Ski Resort from  January to  March is proper to enjoy.
Some features are as follows : a Tele cabin, 5 plate tele skis, one tele sage, 3 hammer tele ski, 6 restaurants and a hotel.


Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort is another one in Tehran, located at 57 km far from eastern north part of Tehran in Shemshak town .
it started to work in 1958. The highest point is 3050 m above the sea level and its lowest part is about 2550 m above the sea level.

4 separate resorts, special night resort, 2 tele sage machines, two plate tele ski machines, two hammer tele ski machines, two hotels and four restaurants.  the longest resort in this complex is 1950 m.


Dizin Ski Resort


Dizin Ski Resort is the first Ski Resort in Iran accepted by International Ski Federation. It started to work in 1969. The complex has been located in Gajereh Region in northern part of Tehran,

We have to separate route to get this complex the first one is 69 km from   Shemshak Route and 12km after Shemshak Town in eastern part of Tehran. Another route to get this complex is from the western part of Tehran by Chalous Road (one of the most beautiful roads in Iran) 85 km from the capital city you can have it.

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