one of the hottest cities in whole of the country with summer temperatures about 50 degrees centigrade.  Ahvaz is The capital of Khuzestan Province, it is built on the bank of the river Karun, (the largest river in Iran).

many historians believe in that Ahvaz back to Achaemenid era (550-330 BC).

Ahvaz is famous as the city of bridges for the 9 bridges that have been built over the Karoun River.

Mandaean community (Sabian), who are the followers of John the Baptist are living for a long time in Ahvaz. they can often be seen performing their weekly baptism rituals along the River Karoun.


Historical hydraulic system (in shushtar near from Ahvaz), Tomb of Daniel (in Susa near from Ahvaz), Susa Castle, Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat, Ancient Susa, Bridges, Karun River

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