Qom is the second holiest city after Mashhad city in Iran. most important and famous site is Fatima È Massummeh Shrine.

Different nationalities with different religion are allowed to enter the shrine, no matter what their religions are or where they come from.

Qom has so many religious schools for a long time and it is one of the main cities in Iran for religious studies. Hozeye-Elmiye-Qom is the largest theology school in Iran. Many senior clerics of Shia Islam live in Qom.

Qom is one of Iran’s fastest-growing cities (the population has doubled since the revolution) and the outskirts are being transformed by a sprawl of apartment blocks. While the new infrastructure is rather unattractive, the population growth has at least brought new life to the old center. Qom can be visited in an easy day trip from Tehran or en route to Kashan.


Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masumeh, Jamkaran mosque, Deyre Gachin Caravanserai, Hoze Soltan Lake

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