Tabriz route is located in the ancient silk road. Tabriz is the city of compassion and kindness, the heart of the constitutional movements in Iran between 1905 to 1911. city of rural pattern and city pattern carpets.

Tabriz is the city of Iranian heroes.

Traditional bazar is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site, as the biggest and traditional bazar in middle east. The bazar has been visited by so many famous travelers during the history such as Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Chardon, John Cartwright, etc. It is an industrialized province between 31 provinces of the whole country with signs of civilization dating back 2,500 years. Having some of most famous museums, the city is considered as a major hub for science and culture in Iran. Tabriz was named by the Organization of Islamic Conference as the "city of the Islamic world tourism" for 2018.


Tabriz Jameh mosque, Constitution house of Tabriz, Grand Bazar of Tabriz, Blue Mosque (Masjed-e Kabud), Poets mausoleum (Maqbare al-sho’ara), Clock Tower, Arg-e Alishah

El Goli, Kandovan Historic Village, Saint Stepanos Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Azarbaijan Museum

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