This city is Located in northwestern of Iran, the city of Zanjan is the capital of a province with the same name.

Archeological founded footprints of Paleolithic cave settlers in this area. Based on some evidences founded in Sassanid Fire Temples scattered around the city, Zanjan is one of the cities was really important to Sassanid King Ardashir I, (180-242 CE).

You can find the rich history of Zanjan city by the story of the Saltmen.

The saltmen are six salt mummies from the Achaemenid empire era (550-330 BC) and Sassanid era (226 BC- 651AD) that were found in Chehrabad Salt Mine. One of these Saltmen is housed at the National Museum of Iran in Tehran while the others are on display at the Archeology Museum of Zanjan in Zolfaqari Mansion .

The UNESCO world cultural heritage site in Zanjan is Soltaniyeh dome, which is the largest historical dome in the world after the Florence Cathedral and Ayasofya in Istanbul,it is one of the top tourist attraction of this province. Zanjan also is one of the most important center of agriculture and handicrafts in Iran, the knives of Zanjan are quite famous among the people.


Soltaniyeh dome,  Zanjan traditional bazaar, Jame Mosque of Zanjan, Mullah Hassan Kashi Mausoleum , Zanjan Wash House museum, Katalehkhor Cave,  Ski resort  Papayi

 Sharshar Waterfall, Ala daghlar (Mahneshan), Jinn Chimney(Mahneshan), Behestan Castel, Dashkasan Temple

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